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Prefab house manufacturers share fire safety knowledge of prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-26

The professional prefab house editor found that there are still many people who do not know much about the fire safety knowledge of prefabricated houses. Today, I will share with you an article about the fire safety knowledge of prefabricated houses, hoping to help those in need friends.

With the development of the city, construction sites can be seen everywhere in the city. On construction sites, prefabricated houses are buildings that construction workers temporarily live in. While convenient to use, such buildings also have certain fire risks, which need our attention.

The main construction material of prefab house is color steel plate, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and convenient installation. As well as temporary housing at the construction site of the construction project. Because the core material of color steel plate is mostly made of flammable materials such as polystyrene and polyurethane foam, the spread speed is fast after a fire occurs, and the combustion products are highly toxic, which can easily cause major property losses and casualties.

Please pay attention to the following five aspects for fire safety of prefab house:

1. When designing color steel plate buildings, it is necessary to strictly implement the 'Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design' and 'Construction Engineering' National standards and specifications such as Technical Specifications for Fire Safety at Construction Sites. Construction projects such as factories, warehouses, stores and other construction projects using color steel plates for new construction, expansion, and reconstruction, and temporary buildings used as crowded places shall be strengthened from the source in accordance with the requirements of the 'Regulations on Fire Supervision and Administration of Construction Projects'. .

2. Conscientiously implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the user's fire safety awareness, do a good job in fire safety training, and improve protection awareness.

3. Strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefabricated houses, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances in the prefabricated houses, and disconnect them in time when leaving the room All power sources; it is forbidden to use open flames in the room, and it is forbidden to use the prefab room as a kitchen, power distribution room, inflammable and explosive goods warehouse, etc.

4. The laying of electrical circuits must meet the requirements of the specification. All wires should be laid openly and covered with flame retardant pipes. The lamps and walls should be kept at a safe distance. The lighting fluorescent lamps should use electronic ballasts. Coil inductive ballasts cannot be used. When the wires pass through the wall of the color steel sandwich panel, they must be covered with non-combustible plastic pipes. Qualified leakage protection devices and short-circuit overload switches must be installed in each panel room.

5. When the prefab house is used as a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outward, the beds should not be placed too densely, and a safe passage should be reserved; And ensure that the water flow and pressure meet the relevant requirements.

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