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Prefab house marketing leverages brand image and multi-channel sales

by:Lida Group     2022-01-27

The slump in the prefabricated house industry is a matter of the entire industry, but as a company at the top of the food chain, it often chooses to pass the crisis on to consumers and distributors, but that brand has a long history. Development is only a short-term benefit. It is not difficult to measure whether it is worth it or not. Doing a good job in the support of dealers and building a sound and systematic strategy is the way to do it once and for all. Brands should not get caught up in it without knowing it. The post-80s and 90s have gradually become the main consumers of the market. In addition to having a certain demand for product cost-effectiveness, consumers also have very high requirements for the individuality and creativity of products. In this creative-led society, prefabricated house enterprises should Create a product with 'thought1. Selling through the power of brand image In today's era, the competition among enterprises is not only the competition of brands and products, but also the competition of marketing means. Primary companies sell products, mid-level companies sell services, and advanced companies sell ideas. Obviously, the marketing concepts of most companies in various industries are still only at the primary and intermediate levels, and the same is true for the industry. Under the trend of increasingly refined consumer groups, it is impossible for companies to cover everything, and targeted 'selling ideas' is the best choice. For an enterprise, selling products is the ultimate goal. Selling services can increase product sales and enhance brand awareness. Selling ideas is the strategic policy and the core of the overall planning of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to improve the marketing level of the team, it needs to achieve a brand premium by selling services and establish a good brand image in the minds of target consumers. Although the core products are similar, the service can make up for the deficiencies in the core products. It is impossible for any company's products to surpass its opponents in an all-round way, and only each has its own strengths. As a marketer, it is the most important to design a certain aspect of surpassing according to the needs of target customers. Once customers agree with this concept, they also agree with the company's products. In this case, what the salesperson sells is an idea, a unified 'selling point' summed up by the marketer. If an enterprise wants to rise to the realm of selling ideas, the first thing to do is to clarify which part of the people to serve. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, any profit-oriented enterprise must establish the concept of 'serving only some people'. 2. Diversified Promotional Products At the beginning of the reform and opening up, China's marketing channels tended to be single. With the acceleration of the marketization process, enterprises with strong brand power began to transform from single channels to multiple channels. Diversification has been accepted and recognized by enterprises, and many enterprises have begun to explore channel diversification and achieved good market performance. The diversification of marketing channels frees companies from the constraints of traditional channels, caters to their market segmentation strategies and differentiation strategies, and contributes to the improvement of corporate brand and product market coverage. With the widespread use of marketing channel diversification strategy, it also brings many market problems, such as channel conflict, benefit distribution, channel management and control, and increased channel costs. However, as long as it is used properly, the strategy of marketing channel diversification is still an effective tool for corporate marketing channel innovation.

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