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Prefabricated construction, integration, building and construction steel structure industry briefly

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
Integrated home: prefabricated house, the whole wooden structure, caigang trailer, container house, greenhouses, garage, tent, etc. The main structure: chongqing steel structure, light steel structure, wooden, anticorrosive wood, wood and plastic structure, composite wood, etc. Ministry of prefabricated concrete precast products, parts and whole prefabricated structure. Palisade structure heat preservation and heat insulation: wall exterior insulation system of curtain wall materials, interior wall thermal insulation decoration system, insulation system of exterior wall thermal insulation decoration plate, roof waterproof, thermal insulation coatings, insulation mortar, external thermal insulation system of aerated concrete block, new type building decorate fire prevention materials, integrated condole roof, roof and stereoscopic landscaping materials. Building is equipped with modern equipment: products and prefabricated concrete production equipment, dry mortar, mortar, mortar equipment; Building materials handling and packaging machinery; Stone, ceramic, glass, brick, wall materials processing machinery, lime, gypsum products machinery; Reinforced and prestressed mechanical; Construction elevator, overhead working truck, wall template system, all kinds of multi-function scaffold; Mixing transporter, pumps, pump, mixing station, etc. All the household hutch defends: all wei yu, the whole household, all the kitchen, the bedroom, the study, the whole wardrobe, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, eat hutch garbage disposal skills; Drinking water purification home integration equipment and supplies. Shading energy-saving Windows and doors, curtain wall system: energy-saving glass, pure wood Windows and doors, aluminum BaoMu doors and Windows, aluminum composite wood doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, plastic Windows and doors, glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, building energy-saving glass membrane and room list sunshade control system and other new energy-saving Windows and doors and related products. The green energy-saving decoration materials and products: the new building decoration materials, wall, wall brick building coatings. Floor, decorate glass ceiling. The use of solar energy in building: solar building integration, solar heating system, solar wall and roof components, solar water heater and use products, renewable energy products and use, etc. Air purification air displacement: central fresh air system, heat exchanger, ground source, water source and air source heat pump system, central air conditioning and dust collection system, constant temperature and humidity system, central air conditioning clean inspection repair equipment, indoor air testing and purification treatment skills, etc. Hvac and new energy: boiler and heating products, gas boiler, gas water heater, heat exchanger, pipe fitting, commercial and household central air conditioning system, environmental protection air conditioning, heat meter, heating floor cleaning, water treatment equipment. Intelligent building systems and equipment: all kinds of electrical equipment automation control system, system integration, intelligent products to handle system, intelligent home integration and intelligent system solutions. Real estate, modern building skills and services: property plot and accessory products, the real estate development enterprises, the intelligent building, the construction unit, construction skills, building design, planning, scientific research units, building industrial information, financial, personnel training, etc.
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