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Prefabricated houses, container which types can be divided into?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-05
What is the container? A container is a big loading container, used to transport goods. Container is very convenient, and it has certain specifications, stiffness and strength, at the time of shipment can directly by the shipper warehouse loading, on the way of replacement of goods transportation also need not speak out, directly to the consignee's warehouse, reduce a lot of unnecessary procedures, save human. Has a standard container transportation system and on a global scale routes, ships, Bridges and so on have matching logistics system. Be called as one of the great miracle of the creation of human history. So, what container type? The following by prefabricated houses to talk about it. ( 1) Normal container: dry containers, bulk container, liquid cargo container, the container cooler; ( 2) Special special container: car container, doing so by container, hide container, etc. Share the information above is prefabricated houses; Want to know more details about the prefabricated houses, please visit our official website.
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