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Prefabricated houses for residential use unsafe?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-31
Of container house in the construction is very common, prefabricated houses as staff residential use. So, a lot of people question, container house as residential use unsafe? In the construction site, the materials used are steel material, this promoted the building of rigidity and support. Therefore, the concrete material and mud strong adhesion can increase the stability of the houses in the construction process. In order to increase the pressure of the steel structure in combination can support and compression control. A: the stability of the steel structure prefabricated houses manufacturer can adjust in the structure of the steel plate material standard specification of the building. Built-in area according to the adjustment of the steel plate can increase capacity. Stronger than combined with a degree of connection, can improve the stability of the professional building to promote effective security. Second: the root cause of the housing inspection and maintenance in the process of long-term living, there is a need for the security check and clean up, at the same time also to increase the stability of houses within each architectural details, so as to promote closer linkage and robustness. In terms of maintenance and testing under the condition of not free disassembly parts, this is a kind of can prevent the danger of cracking and collapse.
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