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Prefabricated houses have a what kind? The effect of different types with different - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Prefabricated houses is not limited, in many areas can create, create complete prefabricated houses can withstand wind and rain, and environmental protection effect is strong, can be recycled, there won't be too much garbage in the process of building. The types of prefabricated houses are divided into three kinds, different species have different USES, different effect. One: cement and trailer trailer for various construction sites as a migrant worker dormitory, can also be used in flat build, all kinds of warehouse, etc. Cement mobile key load system for steel structure, and safety, the metope that it is to use two layers of steel wire net made of, have the characteristics of the heat insulation heat preservation, heat insulation, light. 2: phosphate magnesium phosphate magnesium soil is now on the market price is the lowest of a mobile home, its net weight is lighter, the building level is extremely simple, simple is a kind of light wall trailer. This kind of trailer with moistureproof, fire safety, seismic and corrosion resistance of the unique advantages. The board that it USES the polystyrene and the core, can be enough to achieve the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, and can design according to the provisions of the different customers to build a special room, applicable to the construction enterprises of the temporary land-use. 3: the metope color choi steel structure building steel trailer is adopted by the colorized painting steel foam sandwich composite panels of the specifications of the goods size, its interior space to determine spacing can according to customer needs. Such caigang shack application cycle time is very long, there are 10 ~ 20 years the application of the up and down cycle time, not only the heat preservation and heat insulation, appearance is very beautiful.
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