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Prefabricated houses have what advantages? - Prefabricated housing price, the size of the prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-27
​ Prefabricated houses is a free temporary residence of the move, commonly used in construction site, the disaster area, and so on, it has advantages of which allows people to choose to him, let's take a look at. A, prefabricated houses is a new type of light steel composite shack, match the materials and steel structure. Can achieve very good effect on safety. Concrete can resist is a strong earthquake of magnitude 7 and 12 strong typhoon, it is difficult for ordinary residential. Therefore, it has been widely applied in some earthquake disaster area. Second, the prefabricated housing costs are relatively low. Due to some characteristics of mobile homes, compared with some brick, the cost is very low, can be recycled. Life is relatively strong. According to statistics, in general, mobile houses can be repeated use of six times more than a year. From these data, we can understand mobile relatively low comprehensive cost of the building. Three, prefabricated houses a structure very fast. In general, the installation team every week can be installed more than 500 square meters, it is hard to imagine in the field of traditional architecture, the buildings will not produce waste. This is good to the environment protection, also accord with the demand of the current. If you still want to know more prefabricated house information, welcome to our company for more information. Website: http://www. /
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