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Prefabricated houses in construction needs to pay attention to

by:Lida Group     2020-11-03

prefabricated houses in construction needs to pay attention to?

prefabricated houses in recent years, the use of very much, in the process of building, because of short time limit, quality is light, so very convenient to install and as people to the understanding of the prefabricated houses, using range is becoming more and more widely, therefore, need to remind you some matters need to pay attention to in the building.

a, rigorous flame

in the process of construction of prefabricated houses, is to ban the use of fire, lest cause a fire, that need your attention.

2, nor put sundry.

in the process of construction, there may be some rubbish or debris, sometimes prefabricated housing is not a layer, double layer or multilayer, may arise if this is the case, then is rigorous in the corridor or the place of debris and garbage in the fire channel.

these are the items need to pay attention to in the construction of prefabricated houses, hope you can understand the detail. In addition, to pay attention to the permeability of prefabricated house, and housing building materials may not be in soak in water for a long time.

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