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Prefabricated houses in the process of building needs to pay attention to?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-06
Prefabricated houses common in construction engineering, earthquake and its convenient disassembly, convenient combination not only in the empty land. Or on the ruins of the broken tile walls can be set up, very convenient and fast. However, everything has its drawbacks, under the convenient of prefabricated houses, there are hidden dangers. Prefabricated houses in the process of building needs to pay attention to? A: power use high-power electrical appliances is not allowed, even ordinary household appliances to use the high quality. 2: inferior material prefabricated houses cannot use inferior materials, although there are benefits to reduce costs. However, inferior material cause potential safety hazard is very deadly. Three: the discretion of the bar welding welding quality will directly affect the integrity of the prefabricated houses and if the welding quality is unqualified, prefabricated houses in use is easy to appear problem. Four: location of prefabricated houses building location, best not landslide and collapse. Five: the foundation soil of prefabricated house foundation soil is very important, it is best carried out in accordance with the specification.
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