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Prefabricated houses installations and introduction

by:Lida Group     2020-07-07
Prefabricated houses are currently widely used a new type of green building, used in some industries is very frequent, such as the construction industry. All construction personnel are basically live in prefabricated houses, very convenient, the other is in some areas. Such as Japanese yingjiang district at present, has been applied very much. Another is used as a warehouse, or other use of temporary housing. application of a large span, so to speak. Also because of the effect of prefabricated houses, wide application range, large span. So the demand is high, lead to the development of the current activity is also very quickly. Each function of prefabricated houses and the indicators is becoming more and more high. Of course people for such a residential demand more and more is also high. After all is synchronous development and demand, the development of products is determined according to the demand of the market, prefabricated houses, is no exception. As a product of a new era, is bound to the features and application of prefabricated houses to the traditional architecture is a big difference, as in the way of installation, which is also the most shows a feature of different. The installation of prefabricated housing program is this: will be around and partition based marsh ping, reinforced concrete, it is best to compare strong; Vertical pillars, connected with transverse beam frame, diaphragm, outside wall panel and door window frame; Follow flooring, installed on a layer of up, and then on the roof and the roof board; Finally install doors and Windows, etc. , the vertical support. And sanitary ware, hardware and so on. Of course, when I completed in these covert project, to do some use of prefabricated house so that we can also be more convenient and practical. Prefabricated houses is a product of the development of an era, a product of social demand. Him to build efficient, convenient and quick, bright color, high practicability etc, in the very great degree to the current mode to form the impact of a building, has played a good effect, promote the development of the society, is an indispensable product progress, also believe that the construction in the future will continue to play a good role in promoting.
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