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Prefabricated houses is known as 'green building' in the 21st century

by:Lida Group     2020-07-16
In recent years, our country energetically advocate low carbon environmental protection slogans, also promoting environmental protection construction on the building. Prefabricated houses with removable portable can be repeated use of the advantage, the rise in the market and with very fast speed development, has now become the indispensable kind of buildings. Prefabricated housing practical, cost-effective, good flexibility, its safety performance makes it a popular now. Prefabricated houses is known as the 21st century green building & throughout; , light steel structure building in such aspects as construction waste, materials, construction noise smaller compared with the traditional concrete structure, and strong practicability, easy demolition, has the characteristic of recycling. It is green environmental protection building, is the human and the nature harmonious sustainable development of green industry. In addition, the prefabricated houses generally USES light steel structure frame and choi steel wall, short building period, is not affected by climate. Has the thermal insulation, neat appearance characteristic, and the cost is relatively low, therefore they are widely used in construction site temporary accommodation, office, etc. Light weight for good vibration resistance, prefabricated houses also become important buildings in disaster areas. Houses can be repeatedly disassembling, repeat utilization rate is high. Light steel structure housing has occupies an indispensable position in today's society, has a wider space of development in the future.
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