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Prefabricated houses or stick to traditional enterprises the transformation of innovation

by:Lida Group     2020-07-04
enterprises the transformation of innovation or stick to traditional? industry development, brand competition more multi-level, more diversified sales channels, product category is also more abundant. So, the grim status quo, the development of the industry at the crossroads of development & throughout; , prefabricated housing enterprises should how to choice? Today's market, prefabricated housing product category is more complete, more diversified financing way, channel more diversified, and trouble is coming. Traditional dealer channels, everyone is trying to maintain, but who don't want to share more? So, all you think about unexpected channels, to give it a try. It is good to prefabricated houses, and abandon too single, so the category to expand again. Low price is bad to do, because of the low price competition will never die, and the price is bad to do, and the price is generally means that the quantity is small, narrowed, once the market is likely to jie. The middle price? Nothing is more difficult, than than the less. Big business is bad to do, because the disk is too big, bad to turn around, spending big, too. Small businesses still bad to do, make a profit margins not outrun the CPI. Who have a hard time, you can't die, then began to change. Have a familiar word again, will die, don't change to death. All changing, and found that keep unchanged may work better. market in the embarrassing third person & throughout; In the abyss of prefabricated housing market, enterprise what to do in prefabricated houses surfers or divers? Surfers in the forefront of the top, he want to improvise, focus on the wave of ups and downs, migration direction, and making real-time adjustment. Scuba diving but the most important thing is to keep the depth, don't need too much care about what happened in the sea but dealing with constant water law. In contrast, the third person is the most embarrassing & throughout; — — May be the most anxious. Market is not good, many entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized prefabricated house is in the middle of the third person. They are neither do a diver turtle breath solution, and it's hard to have a surfer congenial natural and unrestrained. The third person with surfers and divers distress at the same time, do not enjoy their fun. One of the biggest source of anxiety of this age is the swing between surfers and divers, who under the waves of the shallow, floating by surge drives, but neither chasing waves, did not dive into the water again, finally became the spray stuns men. Under the tide of era, the third people tend to panic, disoriented, lack of courage to struggle up or down immersed. Not at the top, also not under, more choice, gives them more tortured and vacillation. Hovering for prefabricated housing companies, this is the root of pain. So, in both opportunities and challenges of prefabricated housing markets, hesitant only missed opportunities, only decided can grasp the opportunity and win the future.
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