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Prefabricated houses some of the problems - in the building construction process Prefabricated houses some of the problems in building construction process

by:Lida Group     2020-11-09
The construction of the prefabricated houses for the construction, the first to complete the installation of the contract, must be punctual keep quality, in accordance with the proper quality to meet the demand of the user's normal use. Prefabricated houses building construction must be in accordance with the two sides determine the good design scheme, accept supervision of the owner to the scene construction quality, to win the trust of the owner, if owner found some unsatisfactory problems or wrong place, should be timely ask construction personnel, listen to the interpretation of the construction personnel, understand understand. Early use is certainly no problem, as the time is long for some reason may also affect prefabricated houses appear problem, appear this kind of problem should look for prefabricated house factory door-to-door inspection or repair. Time: 2013 05 - 16 from: WWW. gzboqisheng168. Com prefabricated houses.
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