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Prefabricated houses: steel structure of main hoisting method is what? - Prefabricated housing price, prefabricated houses, steel structure housing

by:Lida Group     2020-11-12
Guangdong mobile houses is a kind of steel structure housing, now many of the houses are mainly USES light steel keel structure, so the steel structure is becoming more and more widely used in construction industry. Small make up today mainly to talk about the hoisting method of steel structure, to understand the details of the hoisting of site construction, such as the scene management, selection and crane lifting point position selection, etc. , are all important points in safety. ( 1) Hoisting construction site site and road handling: basic engineering backfill, axis 1 must be from the building. Set 6-0 m 7 m wide field as a crane to walk the road, and requires a solid foundation to withstand the weight of the crane to walk, to ensure the safety of driving hoisting machinery and hoisting operation. ( 2) Assembly to take back assembly. ( 3) Lifting point choice: for hoisting steel column, due to the steel column height is small, less than 16 m, can use one or two segments: for steel girder hoisting, lifting beam length is less than 20 meters using two points when hoisting, lifting beam length is greater than 20 meters by using four segments. ( 4) Crane position choice: crane stance of lifting ability must ensure that meet the lifting component. ( 5) Before calculating the lifting component ontology: component ontology lifting, dealing with the ontology artifacts on construction from the aspects of strength, stability, etc, to ensure that the lifting of ontology is feasible. Visit our official website to know more details: http://www. /jszc. 超文本标记语言
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