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by:Lida Group     2020-10-13

prefabricated housing is a new concept of environmental protection board building economical activities. Can be convenient to assemble and disassemble, stability and durability are strong. The installation of air-conditioning in the prefabricated houses, however, most of us are still more strange. Shandong under the national security of mobile houses co. , LTD. Teach everyone air-conditioning installation process. The power, air conditioning and area matching ability appraisal and electrical safety test according to the use of building area, degree of orientation, ventilation, heat preservation effect factors to the air conditioning capacity matching. The examination of the power supply before installation to prevent leakage accidents. Second, the indoor machine installation location choice and punching choose indoor machine into uniform outlet, and the indoor machine installation location should be in the city more than four times the weight of the unit. After measured with level, marking. Hand electric drill and 3 mm 6 fixed hanging wall drill hole, the indoor machine of the hanging wall plate with self tapping screws. When punching, draw a more than 65 - hand electric drill and bit 80 mm, with a bit along the hollowed can draw a circle. Note that pore former with semicircle fell down light. Three, the installation of outdoor location choosing fixed separate-bodied air-conditioners installed on the prefabricated houses, because the structure of the prefabricated house materials, generally will be the location of the installation of outdoor, select fixed on the ground or from the ground more than 40 cm of height. And adopts brick cutter, expansion bolt will be the base fixed outdoor column, to reduce the noise. Use level to check the level of the mounting bracket, completes the punch mark. Hand electric drill and 10 mm drill four fixed mounting bracket empty, will be the home of outdoor fixed tightly. Four, notable matters of installation after the installation is complete, R22 refrigerant air conditioning can be used in gas emptying. Inspection on air interface, in order to prevent the refrigerant leakage. To identify and correct, for guaranteeing and plugging hole in the wall.

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