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Prefabricated housing enterprise needs to make product quality core competitiveness

by:Lida Group     2020-07-06
industry development in China's time is not short, the industry has been relatively mature. Although the prefabricated house industry under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, the development momentum as rapidly as in previous years, but the huge market opportunities still exist, between enterprises is increasingly fierce market competition. In the white-hot competition situation, how to raise their competitive strength? Enterprise development need to ensure that product quality at present, more and more companies onto the road of channel sinks, exalted recruit county at & throughout; There are visible. The personage inside course of study thinks, security key channel sinking is products. Sink, is not a unique corporate strategy, but in recent years, most enterprise transformation, but forced and active attack, whatever for and reason, to get the opposite result. And it is also related to the very nature of the enterprise. ” Some enterprises as early as at the beginning of the sinking, began extensive market research. No thorough investigation and the actual product positioning, or as HuHua cat to learn from the local companies may result in the water. ” Some brand director said, take the quality as the bottom line, in order to design as the core, this will be a sinking & throughout; In the process of the sharp tools. Enterprise need to build the core competitiveness to meet the demand of consumer is the root of the survival and development, manufacturing and consumer demand in recent years has from the initial shortage with uniform & throughout; Into the rich and colorful personality to enjoy & throughout; , for this enterprise should strengthen consumer research efforts, through the crowd portrait & throughout; And realize the differentiation design. Indeed, according to the demand of consumer product design, not only to maximize the satisfaction of consumer demand, also can let the enterprise get consumer recognition. In addition, in the words of the industry, for consumers, still need to do & lsquo; The last one meter & rsquo; Service, to explore how to meet consumer demand, only by constantly meet consumer habits, thus recognised by customers sincerely, can be reversed transmission manufacturing real transformation and upgrading. ” In the weak market at present, enterprises need to product is a sharp knife, makes the core competitiveness.
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