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Prefabricated housing enterprises to carry out the strategy of multi-brand, three big phenomenon perplexes the development

by:Lida Group     2020-07-04
Under the fierce market competition, a lot of prefabricated house enterprise began to try out more brand management strategy, pass different business direction in order to get more market share and profit margins, the prefabricated house industry already has a lot of pioneer. The core value of the lack of brand on the surface of the differences between the domestic enterprises have their own core value and brand positioning, but in fact, the core value of similar enterprises lack of obvious differences, the brand can temporarily occupies a certain place in the market, consumer is in the domestic high-speed development of economy in the consumption of rationality is not integrity of the product, when as the economy is in stable development, the comprehensive quality of consumer, also will be more and more high to the requirement of the brand, the brand with their own spiritual pursuit is not the same line, consumers' purchase desire is not strong, when no consumer brand, brand will lose its motive force constant, the core of the enterprise brand will quickly reduced, when the core brand has been unable to have a foothold, other brand can survive? Cause marketing internal friction serious multiple brands in the enterprise can implement must be already have a sleep well in the market, the future development trend is also very good, plus a brand, to meet the needs of different consumer groups, so as to increase profits for the company. In real operation, we will find that the majority of the main brand distributors also deputy brand, at the same time a company with channel management enterprise of various brands at the same time, the benefits can increase the sense of belonging of the channel, brand can quickly, but the shortcoming is also very obvious, distributors of operation team and resources is unable to allow multiple brands to and at the same time frame's displacement, and the marketing team is because channel resources competition and let each other collision between enterprise brand, enterprise brand of their own struggle, obstacles to development, and benefit rivals. Enterprises need to pay attention to the allocation of resources marketing resources in the enterprise is always belong to the scarce resources, enterprise want to in the fierce competition in the market, you need to input is proportional to the rate of return on marketing resources. The current enterprise in the allocation of marketing resources are lack of reasonable planning, the resource control and delivery on the human aspect too much, the company's main brand has been forming, deputy brands are lacking in various aspects, the company will spend resources on deputy brand, when the main brand market attacks, and divert resources the protection on the main brand. Enterprises should dispel impetuous, throw away the vanity, to advance the brand building and construction of a brick building. Brand needs the accumulation of time, persistence is a constant faith; Brands need marketing value-added, accumulate over a long period is constant pursuit; Brands need to innovate, built to last is brand dream; Brands need to management, management efficiency is the enterprise eternal theme, but also the sustained development of brand of strong backing.
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