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Prefabricated housing enterprises to establish the international thinking transformation is the key

by:Lida Group     2020-07-05
Believe that every enterprise hope their enterprises to do bigger and stronger, prefabricated house development to enterprise of good, is inseparable from the broad market, the slowdown in the domestic market at present, companies throughout the &; The growing awareness of prefabricated house enterprises to establish international, a paradigm shift is the key. Enterprises should widen the channel of the products at present, China's enterprises to go out & throughout; There are some patterns, some enterprises through domestic export agent, this way use more small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly dominated by domestic export agent, expand and take after overseas orders, to the domestic manufacturers to purchase. This model development costs low, the operation is more flexible, but often orders, lower total cost of the order of continuity is poorer. Still have a kind of mode is the enterprise self-built overseas business department, through the self-service overseas clients to take the initiative to find and contact way, can be solved on a model of overseas customer resources cannot be accumulated problems, through in-depth cooperation, continuously increasing each customer's orders and the order value, access to long-term business income. But the main problem with this model is to develop the high cost, develop relatively slowly, and expand the scale is limited, after all alone by the enterprise itself for overseas business development, the strength is very weak. Finally, the enterprise can also take part in the professional class exhibition held in overseas, this approach is the most direct effect, benefit is the best way for a long time, but the cost is the highest. Enterprises need to Chinese enterprises to go out into the overseas consumers mind & throughout; Is not the ultimate goal, the enterprise to realize based on the international, also need to into the overseas customers heart, so companies would do for a long time. First is natural need Chinese companies have the consciousness and set up in it & throughout; The confidence, to know the business is not simply sell products, but set up the Chinese brands, turn on the international market for Chinese manufacturing low-end impression of inferior quality and cheap, and so is a new international market order and the builders of the new pattern. International business differs from some pure export enterprises, first is to provide perfect after-sales service. Plus the integral space design of value-added services, let the customer see the effectiveness of the whole solution space to a great extent, avoid the material in respect of the price of the product based on pure haggle over every ounce, effectively improve our bargaining power in the international market. Enterprises should be based on the international market, it is necessary to put long-term the development vision, uniting the internal work strictly, for into the international market to lay the solid foundation.
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