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Prefabricated housing foundation how to build? - Prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13
Prefabricated houses are not common in our daily life, are generally used in construction sites, provided to the workers as a place of rest, the need to install the foundation before setting, how to build the prefabricated housing foundation, now, let's learn about it. 1, first of all a hardness test. The hardness of special terrain and foundation and mobile room structure is different. Should make special processing, to ensure smooth steel panel installation, to ensure its quality. Technical personnel should be measured in advance. 2, basic measurement is completed, the next step is basic pouring. The key is must first level measurement. After completion of pouring, control level error should be less than 10 mm. Must ensure that basic level within the error, so as not to affect the follow-up process. 3, concrete label, under normal circumstances, the foundation is c20, internal without reinforcement. Of course, under the condition of the special terrain and other irresistible, the final scheme should be according to the technical personnel of the measured results. 4, pouring time is the same with the traditional concrete pouring process. The steel structure housing activity can also reduce technological process. On the basis of the complete casting after or before installing the movable plank house should have enough time to make concrete meet the hardness requirements. 5, and finally pouring, the foundation must be casting with indoor ground level is the same as the base, so that we can ensure the installation after the installation of the time, quality and beautiful. After the installation of mobile houses, put indoor floor, convenient and clean. Foshan city light steel & ndash; — Professional production and construction of light steel prefabricated houses, combination - Caigang houses, etc. Company strength, with experienced, is one of the big prefabricated house manufacturer in south China. If you want to learn more on prefabricated house information, welcome to our website to understand: http://www.
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