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Prefabricated housing industry present two big dilemma?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-03
With prefabricated house industry competition is escalating, is quite common, especially the low price competition makes the whole industry is facing downward pressure on prices. One side is the rising cost of, one side is the price bring trouble. And homogeneity like mud sprout grass, not hair of leading the industry forward. Prefabricated houses the future direction of the industry, such as unclear, let a person can't figure out. A, homogeneity problem actually abnormal industry in product homogeneity serious, many enterprises in addition to the low price competition has no other way. Products on the market at present, if not informed in advance, it is very hard to at some point the product from the brand to make the right judgments, most of the products available in the market. Uniformly throughout the web celebrity &; Design. The homogeneity of the product, natural is accompanied by some enterprises open low price competition strategy. Enterprise's price strategy is not so simple, price does not mean is low. From an economic perspective, the price elasticity of the product is determined by supply and demand change, when the product price is lower, naturally leads to increased demand, the price of the product with high elasticity. Popular, is a product sales prices go up immediately, the price is valuable. Generally, industry like lower price route, most basic focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, has no profession brand height, just want to promote sales rise by fuel price war. For even the whole industry, to launch a price war, even if the dealer to buy it, but it is not clear whether consumers buying & throughout; 。 Second, the sufficient economic market now free competition ( No monopoly industry) Market prices, not by an enterprise can decide, both sides in the game & throughout; 。 You fall others will naturally fall, leading to the final demand doesn't change, just pull the industry overall prices low. Wine is a highly competitive industry, for example, it should have a corkage & throughout; Example, corkage & throughout; Is a concealed bribe to the waiter simple & throughout; , the effect is obvious at the beginning, the attendant will be on your attitude and enthusiasm throughout the general &; , but if companies also began to have? It is the same as product prices reasonable, and finally can lead to a vicious competition industry into the loop. Price wars have low price and high price of two types, with enterprises to adopt high price strategy to win, but when it comes to price & throughout; Will naturally think of low price strategy, may even think it is price butcher & throughout; The embodiment. In fact, the industry capital chain rupture, product companies having the quality problem of the large number of times and like to play with a low price, at the expense of the profits to obtain rapid growth of the business turnover, it is a chronic suicide. When corporate profits decline, equivalent to the research and development, technology, the transformation, marketing, management, and other fields to reduce, the enterprise development power shortage. A lot of people are talking about problems such as resource integration, cross-border thinking, in fact, everything comes at a price that is not a low price can solve the problem, the integration of all have no profit is bullshit.
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