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Prefabricated housing industry rise of emerging powers enterprise competition

by:Lida Group     2020-07-04
industry development, industry is relatively mature, but it is such a maturity stage, cause the industry lost its original vitality and innovation. In recent years, the development of the industry is not very good, the market product innovation is insufficient, the new generation of consumers on product produce aesthetic fatigue, gradually began to existing enterprise lose confidence. Add to the original sales good corporate adverse, but is in such an environment, prefabricated housing enterprises the power of the new force, but in the growth of the incredible. New generation power army rising industry new forces are emerging, although new enterprise in the market space, the number of consumers and resources is less than a generation ago, but a new generation of enterprise also has its own competitive advantage. A new generation of enterprise is formed in the emerging markets into industry, at the beginning of the line into the threshold is higher than industry at the beginning of the creation, manufacture of professional degree, the importance of high-tech talent and insight on the market the natural is better than to follow the traditional rules of enterprises. Because of more business ideas under the influence of new ideas, new generation enterprises more into new markets. The advantage of the enterprise in the management and the enterprise managers are mostly younger after 70, 80, they are more aware of the shopping needs of young consumers and mentality, mastery of personalized also than the previous generation of managers more regularly. So, even at this stage, since the set up time is short, the wings have not full, will not be enough to compete on the generation of enterprise, however, with the last generation can not match advantage, will surely shoulder the market up half the sky. Enterprise so fierce power, however, the generation of enterprise nature is on will cause great impact. Rely on monopoly competition of enterprise, in particular, junior's rise is bound to shake its dominant market position, even in its original place. Market update is the inevitable process of upgrading of the laws of the market is the market the inevitable rule, not by man's will transfer, plus, the original market has become saturated, is of great importance to develop new markets, however, follow the traditional development model of enterprise obviously difficult to adapt to the new market, homogeneity, is still filled with industry. As the development, the industry will only stagnation rather than forward, thus the industry itself also needs new blood to change the original disease. With the rise of new generation power, industry in future development, the existing market positioning of enterprise will inevitably be changed or moved, this also means that the modern enterprise is difficult to through the monopoly to gain market share. Companies will instead, become the market leader for the future development of the industry a new competition mode and operation mechanism.
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