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Prefabricated housing price how to calculate, what are the different types - Prefabricated housing prices

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10
We will see some white or blue on the construction site of simple houses, most of these houses is bungalow or two layer structure, the surface is smooth, this kind of house is prefabricated houses. So, what is the price of the prefabricated houses per square? What kind of? Small make up of this article is to introduce to you one by one. Activity board housing is a kind of light steel as framework, with composite panels for wall, bolt connection as a new concept of mobile homes, can tear open outfit easily and quickly, most can be used in the construction site and other places, reusable and storing, in urban construction and played a huge role in earthquake relief. The advantages of prefabricated houses: 1. Assemble and disassemble very convenient and quick. In every minute, time is the life of the disaster area, it is very important and is the perfect embodiment of the importance of soldiers. 2. Layout is flexible, applicability is wide and can be applied to all kinds of complicated environment. 3. Energy saving. Mobile board room is composed of steel and composite material, don't need too many building materials, can save a lot of resources. 4. The environmental protection. Move board room is composed of steel and new environmental protection material, very environmental protection, won't cause harm to human body. 5. During construction period is short, prefabricated housing construction period is very short, in general, it can be finished in a day or so, compared with other buildings is unparalleled. 6. Cheap, low cost. Construction of prefabricated houses do not need to spend too much financial resources, compared with the building or bungalow, can be said to be the water droplets, very cost-effective. 7. It has a certain seismic features. Because of simple structure, light structure, activity board building has a certain seismic performance, not easy to collapse like buildings, it is also a board house for an important cause of earthquake. 8. Heat preservation performance is good. Although composite board wall is thin, but the heat preservation ability is strong, has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. 9. High production efficiency. production process is simple, quick mass production, is especially important in the disaster relief work. 10. The transportation is convenient. Mobile board room light texture, can be disassembled, transportation is very convenient, and can be by truck carrying anytime and anywhere. The types of prefabricated houses and price: 1. Phosphorus magnesium prefabricated house light weight, easy to build, with a waterproof, fire prevention, heat preservation, shock, and other functions, is more suitable for the temporary use of construction unit, price cheap, 200 yuan per square metre. 2. Color steel prefabricated housing high robustness, long service life, heat preservation performance is good, appearance beautiful and easy, more suitable for household adornment balcony, price is about 200 ~ 300 yuan per square metre. 3. Shed flat-topped prefabricated houses about 230 yuan per square metre. 4. Double double light steel keel prefabricated houses, about 250 yuan per square metre. 5. Double the price of the prefabricated houses more expensive. Umbrella of the prefabricated houses as construction workers, where needed, where needed. Let the construction workers have shelter to block rain everyday after work.
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