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Prefabricated housing price says carefully before installing the prefabricated houses - reading related documents Prefabricated housing prices

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Many cities now use of prefabricated houses are very big, both public and personal of prefabricated houses very satisfied, use more and more, then before the installation of prefabricated houses are what preparation does need to do, let prefabricated house prices and explain this guys! 1, the quality of the prefabricated houses should conform to the state provisions on the construction documents issued by the only can undertake construction, does not conform to also want to change before construction to conform to the related regulations before they can the construction. 2 axis positioning, foundation and supporting surface elevation can be allowed to have certain error, but the number of error can not exceed the provisions of the state's error values, otherwise is not permitted to continue the construction, so be sure to carefully check the prophase work, if does not conform to requirements is no way of construction. 3, want to want to build first prefabricated house surface is clean, do not appear greasy dirt, mud, dust, snow and ice, such as garbage, if the paint surface is damaged parts to paint in time new paint, so as not to make these parts corrode too far, paint can stop part of corrosion. 4, according to the regulations of the design of the parts needed to check the good quantity, specifications, models. These are all need to pay special attention to, in order to avoid the construction to the half of the time these parts number is wrong, then it can only be forced to shutdown know delay completion time will increase the cost of the whole. Above is prefabricated house prices and the share of prefabricated houses before installation problems need attention. Learn more about the price of prefabricated housing information please visit WWW. Gzkeda。 cn
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