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Preliminary preparations for the construction of residential containers

by:Lida Group     2023-01-29

Residential containers can not only solve people's living problems, but also a trendy element of modern construction systems. Therefore, residential containers are becoming more and more widely used in various industries. Before building a living container, some preliminary preparations must be made.

First, select suppliers, choose suppliers with integrity, quality and service.

Second, understand the local construction regulations. Only by understanding the local construction regulations before building can the maximum rights and interests of users be guaranteed.

Third, determine the demand, determine the number of boxes, height, profile thickness, ground material, floor material, wall thickness and width, etc. according to the demand.

Fourth, determine the location, the number, size and location of doors and windows; if there is a need for functional rooms such as stairwells, toilets, and communication rooms, their locations also need to be determined in advance.

Fifth, draw the drawing, draw the drawing according to the demand and the determined position.

Sixth, pour the foundation, build the foundation according to the drawn drawings; first determine the height of the foundation that needs to be poured according to the amount of rainfall at the construction site, and then proceed with the construction.

Seventh, plan the water intake and drainage pipes in advance, and plan the water intake and drainage in advance according to the placement of the functional rooms.

  Make sufficient preliminary preparations, and the living container can be transported to the construction site for installation. The advantage of completing the preliminary preparation is that it will greatly improve the construction efficiency, avoid the extension of the construction period due to the uncertainty of demand, and complete the installation with high quality in the shortest time.

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