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Questions about buying a mobile home

by:Lida Group     2022-02-27

Mobile homes have become more and more popular, and this has also driven the development of the mobile home market. However, when people buy mobile homes, sometimes it is more difficult, mainly because they know very little about mobile homes. What kind of skills can we find when buying mobile homes? Let's take a look.

1. If your housing area is relatively large, and your mobile home is mainly used for winter leisure, flower cultivation, fitness, etc., you can choose the roof The whole mobile prefab room that can be moved and turned. This type of prefab has inductive advantages and will not have the disadvantages mentioned above.

2. If you think that the housing area is too small and you want to expand the living space to create a mobile house, you can choose insulation board roofs, plastic steel windows and insulation walls as peripheral protection products. Although this type of mobile house is not a sun room in the strict sense, it is cheap and economical. The disadvantage is that the lighting is relatively poor, and the ventilation is usually poor. This problem can be improved by opening the skylight.

3. If you build a prefab house mainly for growing flowers and grass in winter, you need better ventilation and proper sunshine in the prefab, so that you can choose plastic-steel windows as the surrounding area Protected, glass-roofed prefab with larger skylights. The price of this kind of activity is relatively low, and the disadvantage is that the indoor temperature is high in summer, and the sunshade needs to be equipped.

4. If it is a prefabricated house that requires traditional architectural functions, you can choose a tempered insulating glass roof, and can be equipped with appropriate special insulating glass skylights, broken bridge aluminum insulating glass windows or aluminum-wood composite windows. Insulating glass windows are used as peripheral protection products. The disadvantage is that special awnings, sun blinds, invisible screens and other commodities need to be equipped when using.

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