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Read this article you will know the container breeding by unreliable? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
'Container breeding' is this a new product in the country to control environmental protection, control environmental pollution under the background of the formation of the water. 'Container breeding' is hot recently, because the cages to breed fish in natural waters is forbidden, was also limits the term of comprehensive demolition; Container farmed presented the space. Advantage is mainly the following contents: 1, modular design, assembly, factory convenient quickly. If you've been on the land dig fish ponds, light earth excavation construction must be a few months. 2, fragmentation, plant diseases and insect pests is not easy to form the large-scale outbreak, in the basic to raise a fishing pond ten acres, and even a few acres, if disease are all fishing pond there is a problem, the container is a a fragmented individual, all is independent, a container of plant diseases and insect pests is not easy to cause harm to other container. 3, resource saving and environmental protection. Actually the reason is that the root cause of the current government to vigorously develop the water quality to carry out repeatedly use, less for inland water area is a good way, at the same time its feces and organic chemical fragments can eliminate, out of the water quality can have the effect of environmental protection. 4, the fish, such as relativity is convenient, because the container can be shipped, if raise time in mobile platform application chip or use lifting equipment shipment, so the fish don't have to manually. 5, affected by the environment relative smaller, people sticking out of the pond to raise the most concern is the temperature mutations formation water, and the container as a closed system, the temperature relative smaller. Defect 1, project investment cost, often can't bear farms, at this stage if it weren't for well-known enterprises are doing, or is done in national project grants, big small and medium-sized farms were very small. 2, plant diseases and insect pests is multiple, the density is not can handle condition problem, but rather dense to raise is very easy to form a variety of disorders. The disease multiple, less quantity is not easy. 3, increased operating costs, in the container to raise has virtually no natural knowledge economy, all is to rely on machinery and equipment to maintain, fish pond power consumption is much higher than the average.
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