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Reasons and measures for instability of light steel workshop during installation

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03
The happiest thing for a person: a lover whose parents are still alive and confidant. Everything else is an illusion, don't be too concerned. Hello everyone, have you traveled recently? Be sure to pay attention to travel safety and personal protection while playing. Don't lax personal protection just because you are having fun. Next, the editor will introduce to you the reasons and measures for the instability of the light steel workshop during the installation process.

In recent years, with the popularization of the use of light steel workshops, as the utilization rate of steel structures is getting higher and higher, and safety accidents are also on the rise. Instability in the light steel workshop refers to the loss of stability due to the bearing capacity of the steel structure reaching the limit state. Accidents caused by instability of steel structures occur frequently in engineering. When the light steel workshop collapsed due to overall instability, the entire structure was scrapped. At this time, it is no longer worthwhile to deal with the accident, but for local instability accidents, reinforcement or replacement of plates can be adopted. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of instability accidents during the installation of light steel workshops, it is recommended to focus on prevention. (1) To prevent the occurrence of instability accidents during the installation of steel structures, the designer shoulders the most important responsibility. It is necessary to strengthen the stable design concept. (2) The overall arrangement of the structure must consider the stability requirements of the entire system and its components, especially the arrangement of the support system. (3) The premise and assumption of the structural stability calculation method must conform to the actual stress conditions, especially the influence of the support constraints. (4) The stability calculation of the component and the stability calculation of the detailed structure must be coordinated, especially the concept of strong nodes. (5) The strength problem usually adopts the first-order analysis, while the stability problem should adopt the second-order analysis in principle. (6) The superposition principle is suitable for strength problems, but not for stability problems. (7) There should be a holistic view in dealing with stability issues, and the related effects of overall stability and local stability should be considered. (8) The production unit should strive to reduce defects: among the many common defects, the initial bending, initial eccentricity and residual stress have the greatest impact on the stable bearing capacity, so the production unit should reduce the defects to a minimum through reasonable process and quality control measures . (9) The construction unit should ensure the safety during the installation process: the construction unit can prevent instability during the installation of the steel structure and ensure the safety of the structure only by formulating a scientific construction organization design, adopting a reasonable hoisting plan, and carefully arranging temporary supports. (10) On the one hand, the user should pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the built steel structure; on the other hand, when it is necessary to carry out technological process and functional transformation, it must negotiate with the design unit or relevant professionals, and shall not increase the load without authorization. Or change the force of the component.

The above content in this article is the editor's general introduction to the reasons and measures for the instability of the light steel workshop during the installation process. If you have other questions, you can pass the information below. Leave a message in the comment area, or contact the editor through the contact information below. I hope everyone can gain more or less from the article of the editor, thank you for reading.

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