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Related news - about prefabricated houses on fire The news about prefabricated houses on fire

by:Lida Group     2020-11-06
News about prefabricated houses on fire, here small make up remind users of prefabricated houses, in the residential housing activity must do a good job in security measures, immediately to the summer, fire prevention measures must be prepared, let's take a look at the following the example of the fire, and see what is the reason. Recently, the north river in taiyuan city named 'home fire on a construction site opposite of village. The burning is site of prefabricated houses, migrant workers live in fire area of 100 square meters or so. Due to the fire, two rows of houses were burnt beyond recognition. 12 when 20, the fire under control. As migrant workers escaped in time, no one was injured. Scene witnesses saw, the firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire, four rows of prefabricated houses were burning fiercely in the middle of the two row, east of a row of most of them have to collapse, 30 meters from the part of a building was ignited. Want to see this article friend can get reminded, for more details, please login: WWW.
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