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(Residential container house manufacturers) What are the maintenance techniques for the living container house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-28

Maintenance skills: residential container house manufacturers

1. Anticorrosion

Although the external structure of the residential container is It is considered to be a steel structure, so it has strong impact resistance, but the big fatal problem of steel structure is the corrosion of chemical substances (such as ordinary acids, alkalis, salts, etc.), which cannot be in contact with them. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the whole in a short time. If there is contact with acid and alkali salts, wipe it with a professional cleaning agent.

2. Prevent structural damage

Since most residential containers in the industry are of integral structure, only doors and windows are designed separately, so it should be Pay attention to the maintenance of special structural components to avoid structural damage, etc. It is more difficult to repair the damaged structure of the residential container, and the later repair effect is not as good as the original container room.

3. Prevent internal mildew and dampness

Although the residential container has a moisture-proof function, due to differences in regional environments, such as the high humidity in the basin throughout the year, Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof work. If there is moisture resurgence in the resident container, it will have a great impact on it. Once the resurgence and mildew occur, its service life will be greatly reduced. It will cause damage to the wall.

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