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Seismic advantages of factory steel structure price export

by:Lida Group     2022-02-24

Seismic-resistance advantages of factory steel structure price export

Due to the many advantages of steel structure buildings, generally used For the construction of steel structure workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, hangars, workshops, etc., the most widely used is the price of the steel structure of the workshop, so do we know the earthquake resistance advantages of the export of steel structure workshops? The following factory steel structure prices will be explained for you:

1. High strength and light weight.

Compared with other building materials such as concrete, masonry and wood, steel has much higher strength and higher modulus of elasticity (modulus of elasticity of steel?:u003d206C^ 1111112). Under the same stress conditions, steel structural members are light in weight and small in section, especially suitable for members and structures with large spans and large loads. Bearing the same load with the same span, the quality of the steel roof truss is only 1/4~1/3 of that of the reinforced concrete roof truss, and the cold-formed thin-walled steel roof truss is even close to 1/10. The small internal force of the structure can make the cost of the foundation lower in comparison, especially this advantage is more obvious in the soft soil area. In addition, the lightweight components are also convenient for transportation and installation.

2. The material is uniform, with good plasticity, toughness and excellent seismic performance.

Due to the uniformity of the structure, the steel is nearly isotropic, and is almost completely elastic within a certain stress range, with a large elastic modulus and good plasticity and toughness. The ideal elastic-plastic body. The actual working performance of the steel structure is more in line with the currently used theoretical calculation model, so the reliability is high. The steel has good plasticity, and the steel structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overloading or local overloading; the steel has good toughness, which makes the steel structure more adaptable to vibration loads. The price of the steel structure of the structural workshop with less damage in the earthquake.

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