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Setting requirements for construction site enclosures

by:Lida Group     2022-03-06

Requirements for the construction of site enclosures

Whether the construction of site enclosures is in the construction stage or the real estate stage, there will be a certain impact on the project. In addition to the function of separating the construction site from the road, it will also play a pivotal role in sales promotion. Therefore, the management requirements for the establishment of construction enclosures are becoming more and more strict. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant requirements for the construction of the site enclosure as follows:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use color strips as enclosures

In order to strengthen the management of fence setting, the municipal government has carried out special fence rectification activities. It is reported that the construction fence of this rectification refers to: municipal engineering fence (urban roads, municipal pipelines, landscaping, urban drainage projects), street storefront decoration Decoration enclosure, 'double demolition' site enclosure construction site enclosure construction.

2. The municipal government requires that it is strictly forbidden to use bamboo fences and colored strips as enclosures; Board fence construction; it is strictly forbidden to damage the fence, pollute it, and have poor safety and fixation; it is strictly forbidden to have commercial advertisements on the fence layout without approval or to promote the content of the company's advertising screen.

3. In the examination and approval of fences, the urban road authorities must specify the standards and time for setting up construction fences when approving the temporary road occupation for street store decoration and the excavation of municipal engineering roads. , scope, and at the same time, copy the approval content to the road maintenance department and the urban management law enforcement department to fence the construction site.

4. Unauthorized occupation of roads and fences should be rectified

The city urban management detachment is responsible for supervising the construction fences of municipal projects If the city digital urban management supervision and command center finds that the fence setting unit refuses to rectify or the rectification is not in place for more than two times, it shall be ordered to suspend the rectification. The Municipal Urban Management Committee is responsible for the assessment and ranking of the urban municipal engineering fencing and rectification work, and circulates and criticizes the responsible units that have not been properly rectified twice. The construction unit should arrange a special person to be responsible for the cleaning and regular cleaning of the enclosure, and the damaged enclosure should be repaired in time for construction site enclosure construction.

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