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Setting standards for construction site enclosures

by:Lida Group     2022-03-06

Standards for setting up fences on construction sites

The materials used for fences should be stable, clean and beautiful. On the site of municipal engineering projects, fences can be set up in sections according to the progress of the project or by the use of unified continuous guardrail equipment. Construction fencing is common during construction. effect.

What kind of requirements should the site enclosure construction meet during the construction period? The municipal government requires that it is forbidden to use bamboo fences and colored strips for site enclosure construction; Construction enclosure construction; it is forbidden to use woven bags and colored plastic panels for construction enclosure construction; it is forbidden to construct enclosures that are damaged, soiled, or have poor fixation; it is forbidden to display commercial advertisements or publicize the content of the company's advertising screen on the construction enclosure layout without approval.

It is forbidden to use color strips as construction fences, and construction fences that occupy roads without approval must be rectified. When reviewing temporary road occupation for street-facing store decoration and excavation of municipal engineering roads, clarify the setting standards, time, and scope of construction enclosures, and at the same time, copy the content of the review to the road maintenance department and the urban management legal department for construction site enclosure construction.

The horizontal and vertical steel linings of the construction site fence have been installed and connected before leaving the factory, and the reinforcing accessories for each key point have also been installed in place. It is only necessary to connect the guardrail lining and the column to fix it. As a new type of fence, the color steel metal fence is currently being used in the construction projects of construction units.

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