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Several Suggestions about caigang mobile fire - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-14

as the growth of steel production in China and the country of steel structure industry policy adjustment, the construction of the steel structure building is increasing. Light steel structure building with its light weight, seismic performance is good, fast construction and low pollution common development advantages, once widely used in industrial workshop, warehouse, gymnasium, exhibition of pipe and other engineering projects.

1。 Color steel roof structure of color steel roof by the structural, thermal insulation layer and layer panel, structural layer to 'C' shape and 'Z' shaped steel; At the scene of the thermal insulation layer fill many for glass wool, rock wool, when the insulation layer of polystyrene or polyurethane, usually with composite forming in advance (choi steel within the plant Called caigang after choi steel plate) ; Main panel layer have a color, caigang steel sheet after choi steel plate. According to choose different panel layer, color steel roof can be roughly divided into single choi steel roofing, double plate field compound roof and caigang choi steel roofing.

2。 Panel material and cohesive way color steel roof normal use caigang pressure plate or caigang choi steel plate. Caigang pressure plate is to use galvanized ( Zinc or aluminium) Substrate after coating color-coated constitute the width of rolling forming. Single-layer caigang pressure plate lunch and a light weight, high strength, production but the coefficient of thermal conductivity, sound insulation effect is poor; Request to have heat preservation, sound insulation roofing, can adopt double caigang pressure plate heat preservation material (filled with middle Such as glass wool, rock wool, etc. ) Or use colored steel after choi steel plate, caigang choi steel for double color plate with insulation materials in the factory after adhesive composite forming in advance, thus has the advantages of high flexural rigidity and good overall performance, application scope is more and more widely.

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