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Shelter from the rain for you! Container house to serve for you

by:Lida Group     2020-06-27
Shelter from the rain for you! Container house to serve for you

with the development of container house in the aquaculture industry, mobile application is gradually widely, and it shows in all walks of life, prefabricated houses were out of the unique vitality and also makes the prefabricated houses in recent years more and more get the welcome of people from all walks of life.

container houses are popular in Europe and the United States and economically developed coastal areas in rapid promotion, a key is to use very convenient - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Container room after completion of production in the factory to destination to pre-made, on the basis of electricity can be used after installation; In need of migration, mobile villa overall migration, together with the goods inside the room to the destination place to use site can continue to use after installation of electricity, the convenience is unmatched by other buildings.

mobile toilet installation quality affects the construction work in progress, the workers live, then build quickly complete a container and container house dormitory should pay attention to several criteria:

a: looked

the color of the trailer to the overall coordination, this should have the quality and trailer choi steel, trailer manufacturers should be inspected carefully before they go out the installation of trailer parts, if qualified, welding is firm.

2: fireproof performance

container warehouse after installation, be sure to check how about fire prevention performance, is the room of the wire are concealed in the fire in the pipeline. Check caigang sandwich board inside and two layers of tin whether to have broken down, not to reveal the thermal insulation layer.

3: look at the light

mobile wall, door, window and structure after assembly shall not appear visible cracks, if light-leaking, suggests the insulation performance of trailer is not very good, there are gaps is air leakage.

4: mobile push-pull doors and Windows in the house is flexible, lock is strong. Fittings, fasteners should be combined with strong, trailer frame no loose phenomenon. Adjust the brace should be tighten. In addition, mobile paint color should be consistent, the protective layer of cladding can not have faded, falls off phenomenon. Corridor, stair guardrail should be smooth without burr. Trailer floor should be fixed flat, firm, people walk up, should not feel the shaking, fittings should be waterproof seal measures.

5: mobile roof, doors and Windows, metope, ground must not appear slack phenomenon. Roof plate and supporting member have reliable connection, or if there are any strong wind weather, such as container trailer roof is easy to damage.

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