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Simple about the boarding house fire prevention technology

by:Lida Group     2020-11-02
Building fire prevention technique has been one of the most concern of the people, the housing is not exceptional also, as a simple type of housing, in the construction and design flexible than traditional houses. Guangdong houses also known as light steel structure housing, the material is galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology of synthesis of light steel keel, then through accurate calculation and auxiliary parts support. As people demand for houses gradually expand, light steel villa should be born, however, a variety of various functional houses gradually into millions of homes. Small make up also told everyone the importance of fire, light steel structure building fire prevention technology application? Let's look at together. Guangdong shack fireproof rank for level 4, and houses on both sides of the wall and floor ceiling fire prevention plasterboard, used for common firewall and the ledger wall is 25. 4 mm thick gypsum board protection. Can reach 1 hour fire prevention requirements, in addition, in the houses of the wall between the wall between column and the floor joists fill glass fiber for fire prevention and heat transfer has played a positive role in protecting. Log on our official website for more details.
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