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Six in designing of steel structure workshop workshop can also warm home

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
A good factory environment, for employees and the boss is very important. Now steel structure factory building more and more, people also more and more high to the requirement. So in the design of steel structure workshop, what need to be aware of? Light steel structure workshop is compared commonly big, so light is important, during the day can improve the indoor lighting through the skylight, decorate in the roof plate or lighting glass, should consider the service life of the skylight coordinated with metal roofing board, the skylight and metal roof plate joint should be good waterproof processing. Moisture, especially during the rainy season, always give a person the sense of warm, damp, to prevent the metal roof and bottom metal roofing layer with water vapor condensation, a platoon walk along the water vapor inside the metal roofing layer. Solution is in the metal roof insulation layer inside filling cotton, metal roof and floor with waterproof membrane, metal roofing board Settings can be ventilated node. Summer thunderstorms, lightning protection fire so, when the design needs to guide lightning to the ground, to prevent lightning breakdown metal roof into the room. In the process of steel structure workshop, is a big fire hidden trouble. Steel structure workshop during metal roofing materials won't fire burning, the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panel. Seepage control of steel structure workshop leakproof must prevent rainwater infiltration into metal roof panel. Rain mainly through overlapping gap or nodes into the metal roofing. So need to be used in screw mouth sealing washer after using hidden fixed, put it on board with sealant or welding processing, it is best used on long board to eliminate overlap, in all kinds of waterproof processing node location abdominal distension. Sound insulation is general steel structure factory building mostly used in the production workshop. In the process of production building, noise is inevitable, the steel structure workshop to prevent the sound from the outside to indoor or from indoor to outdoor. Within the metal roofing layer filling sound insulation materials ( Usually by heat preservation cotton as) 。 Sound insulation effect is related to the density of sound insulation material, thickness. Thermal insulation and cooling summer thermal blooming, endure cold in the winter, sure nobody likes such work environment. So to prevent heat in steel structure factory building metal roofing, make indoor temperature stability. For the steel structure factory building roofing heat preservation cotton, can reduce indoor temperature 5 - commonly 8 ℃, or spraying in the roof panel and efficient heat reflective coating. Can make the plate surface temperature of 20 ℃, largest indoor temperature difference can be up to eight 10℃。
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