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Specification for safety measures for construction site enclosures

by:Lida Group     2022-03-06

Specifications for safety measures for construction enclosures on construction sites

Nowadays, there are more and more fields where enclosures are used, and people know more and more about enclosures. There are more and more requirements for enclosures. Urban construction is inseparable from safety management. The registration of subways has brought great convenience to people's lives. Of course, they need to be handled during construction, especially around roads and subways. If the safety measures are required, then the site construction fence manufacturer will explain the safety measures and specifications of the construction fence in detail.

1. Construction site construction enclosure The construction site must implement closed management, and the height of the construction enclosure shall not be less than 2.5 meters.

2. The color of the construction enclosure is rarely blue, due to light blue, gray or white, no purification and scattered paint, the enclosure Light blue, gray or white paint can be used to spray the construction company logo and project title on the block. The specification is: the font is imitation Song Dynasty, the font size is 0.6m*0.8m (width*height), and the lower edge of the font is 0.6-0.8m in the air , The font must be correct standard, neat and beautiful site construction fence.

3. Construction enclosures shall not be used for soil retention or load-bearing, and shall not rely on enclosures and piles, and shall not use enclosures as walls to set up temporary work sheds, canteens and other facilities. Toilets, etc. M10 cement mortar is used for the enclosure footing to build the foundation of MU10 shale brick 0.5*0.5, which is used to strengthen the wind resistance of the enclosure; the construction enclosure is 2.5 meters high and 3 meters wide as a one-board construction site Construction fencing.

4. The general contractor of the construction shall be responsible for the setting and handling of the construction site enclosure, and at the same time, it is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning tasks of the construction enclosure, and insists that the enclosure is clean and free from disorder. Paste, scribble, or describe randomly. If slogans and publicity materials are set up above the fence, they should be set in accordance with the scope, address, quantity, specification, content and time limit agreed by the county urban management department.

5. Conditional construction sites must be surrounded by walls, dormitory walls and other centers, and must hang and write eye-catching propaganda slogans reflecting the company's physical and age appearance.

6. Abide by laws and regulations: Prevent the use of construction site fences to set up outdoor advertisements.

7. At the end of the construction site construction enclosure, the connection between the slab and the slab should be smooth and in a straight line; Internal construction) construction site construction enclosure.

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