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Specifications and requirements for the setting of engineering enclosures

by:Lida Group     2022-06-15

I. Specifications for setting up engineering enclosures

1. Continuous and airtight fences should be set up around the construction site according to regulations; safety protection facilities should also be set up for multi-storey and high-rise buildings. The height of the fences set up on the main road sections in the urban area, the city appearance landscape roads, airports, wharfs, and station squares shall not be less than 2.5m, and the height of the fences set up on other road sections shall not be less than 1.8m.

2. The materials used for the fence should ensure that the fence is stable, clean and beautiful. On the site of municipal engineering projects, fences can be set up in sections according to the progress of the project or unified continuous guardrail facilities can be used as required. The construction unit shall not stack construction materials, garbage and engineering dregs outside the fence of the construction site. In the approved temporary occupation area, the building materials or machinery and equipment should be stored, stacked and unloaded strictly according to the approved land occupation scope and nature of use, and a fence higher than 1m should be set around the temporary area.

3. The conditions of the construction site are: the surrounding walls, the outer walls of the dormitory and other places must hang and write eye-catching propaganda slogans reflecting the spirit of the enterprise and the style of the times.

Second, the specific requirements for the setting of project enclosures: Under the premise of ensuring safe construction and public safety, fully implement 'one increase, three reductions, and seven public announcements'.

(1) Municipal construction projects fully implement 'one increase and three reductions'.

1. The Municipal Council will send a municipal fence supervisor for each construction in progress, and each construction unit will appoint a municipal fence person to be jointly responsible for supervising the implementation of fence setting and dredging measures during construction. .

2. The construction period of each process should be scientifically, rationally and compactly arranged for each project under construction, so as to effectively achieve the 'three reductions':

(1) Reduce the area of u200bu200bthe processing area. Each construction unit shall calculate the material processing accumulation and office area before entering the site, and the processing area shall calculate the required area according to the 10-day workload.

(2) Reduce the stacking time of materials in the construction enclosure. In principle, the stacking time of other construction materials shall not exceed 10 days, except for large and difficult-to-transport components.

(3) Reduce the road occupancy and fencing cycle. Reasonably adjust the construction sequence of road occupation, avoid centralized start, over occupation, and overdue phenomena, and ensure that municipal road enclosures 'occupy less, dry quickly, and return early'.

(2) On the basis of hanging in accordance with the specifications, each construction in progress shall add construction nameplates and notice boards for special procedures. Seven aspects of the project leader and the municipal fence supervisor will be publicized.

1. Regulations on construction nameplates

(1) The construction nameplate should include: project name, construction unit, construction unit, start time, completion time, project leader and contact number , municipal supervisor and contact number.

(2) The size of the construction nameplate is: 1.6m×0.9m. Municipal engineering construction nameplates use blue background and white characters, non-municipal engineering construction nameplates use green background white characters, and emergency and rescue engineering construction nameplates use yellow background black characters. (Appendix 1)

(3) Hanging requirements: For construction sites with a project length of less than 50 meters, the construction permit, project overview plate, and environmental protection supervision plate should be hung at conspicuous positions at both ends of the construction site; A construction site with a length of 100 meters shall hang a construction nameplate on the straight line, in addition to the construction permit, project overview board and environmental supervision board hanging at both ends; for a site with a length of more than 100 meters, for every 100 meters, an additional construction site shall be hung. nameplate, and so on.

2. Regulations on special process notice boards

(1) Various types of road occupation construction shall implement a special process publicity system. , underground pipe jacking and other special process construction, need to hang the special process notice board.

(2) The special process notice board should include: process name, start and end time. The production size is 0.6m x 0.9m. The notice boards for special procedures of municipal engineering use white characters on a blue background, those for special procedures of non-municipal excavation projects use white characters on a green background, and the notice boards for special procedures of emergency and rescue projects use black characters on a yellow background.

(3) Hanging requirements: During the construction of a special process, at least one special process notice board shall be hung. Every time the length of the construction enclosure exceeds 100 meters, one more place should be hung, and so on.

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