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Standard prefabricated housing stability of the market regulation to build the brand of service

by:Lida Group     2020-07-03
industry after a long period of development, industry of chaos are also beginning to emerge in endlessly, industry to form a good competition environment of development, it is necessary to change the status quo, let prefabricated housing industry development in the direction of the standardization and normalization. An industry from production to sales of standardization and standardization, to a great extent, reflects the development of the industry at present. Industry from production, sales, installation to after-sales service become one-stop standardization service, will be conducive to enterprise invincible position. Industry needs standardized development orbit clear firm offers in the industry has always been a controversial topic, actually in the store a lot of high-end brands are slowly into clearly firm offers on the stage, however, as for the whole industry, price transparency & throughout; Still there is a certain difficulty. Government under the market economy can't be intrusive, at this moment, you need to have some to take on responsibilities, responsible enterprise, take the lead to do, do it after industry norms, everyone's recognition is higher, moreover, for stores in enterprises is also completely can be done. ” The personage inside course of study analysis, clearly firm offers to avoid some merchants on the use of artificially high price to obtain the government subsidies, only to realize the clear firm and implementing policy to clear the way, and to effectively protect consumers' rights and interests, otherwise the scrappage is meaningful, businesses can still be rigged. Indeed, for the current situation of the Chinese market can't clearly firm offers on whatever stores, stores, sales staff as well as consumers have unshirkable responsibility, of course, this is the market development is not yet mature a stage performance. Industry is now in a critical period of steady growth, and from a long-term perspective, the industry still has a huge potential for development, reveal the unlimited potential for development in the industry, external constraint & throughout; Also becomes more and more strict. Under the new normal economic enterprises need to speed up the transformation and upgrading along with our country economy enters the new normal, the development of the enterprise also to enter the new normal way of thinking, while the market development is not optimistic, but as long as the enterprises to actively deal with, there's always a way to break through. China's new norm refers to the concrete embodiments of a normal economic development, the main growth is slowing, consumption fragmentation, concentration decreased and the embodiment of the personalized consumer demand. In previous years, explosive era of China's rapid economic growth has been in the past, change and is a kind of normalized and the development trend of the phenomenon. In terms of industry, the new normal & throughout; The new & throughout; — — Brand upgrade and electric business, the new normal & throughout; The often throughout the &; — — Concept of quality and design, the future of the industry depends on new & throughout; , also cannot leave often throughout the &; 。 Economic situation of the country is in a new round of reform, the industry is still to maintain a steady development, the new normal economic pattern has been formed, the enterprise should focus on from the concept, quality, design three aspects to carry on the transformation and upgrading, and combined with the major national exhibition of resource integration, complementary advantages, do regional markets, the regions to stimulate the entire province, drive across the country by the province, realize common ascension, finally realizes the economy of the new normal. The new normal economy, enterprise want to gain a foothold in the market, you need to go standardization development track.
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