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Steel shed: how is the technical characteristics of the steel structure? - Shed steel canopy, steel structure, steel prices

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
Small make up today to talk about the technical performance of steel structure, steel structure is composed of steel material structure, is the main structure of guangzhou steel shed, is one of the more common in construction engineering structure, light weight, good rigidity, the deformation ability is strong, simple and convenient construction, widely used in large factory buildings, stadiums, high-rise, etc. In the technical performance is also commendable, has good heat preservation and heat insulation technology and fire prevention technology and sound insulation, etc. Let us to a deeper understanding. ( 1) First to get to know the heat preservation and heat insulation technology of steel structure, the structure in order to achieve the effect of heat preservation, heat preservation and heat insulation used in building exterior walls and roofing materials can be used for a long time and heat preservation. Steel structure building in addition to outside the wall column filled between glass fiber grid cloth, the wall of the lateral and then put a layer of insulation materials, effectively cut off after wall column to the outer wall heat bridge; Between the floor joists fill glass fiber, reducing heat transfer through the floor; All interior wall posts are filled between glass fiber and reduce the heat transfer between the household wall. ( 2) Fire prevention technology of light steel structure one of the most critical problem is the application of firewall technology, light steel structure residential fire resistance rating for level 4. Light steel structure residential building at both sides of the wall and floor of the smallpox of fire prevention plasterboard, about common firewall and the ledger wall with 25. 4 mm thick, 1 inch) Gypsum board maintenance, in order to reach one hour fire request, in the wall between the wall and floor joists between pillars fill glass fiber about fire prevention and heat transfer also play a positive role in maintenance. ( 3) Sound insulation technology of light steel structure between the external walls and floor joists fill glass wool, audio local effective in stopping the spread through the air, and the impact of the spread of after a solid sound, the structural disposal about the ledger wall with two wall columns with a gap between two walls; And about the fixed plasterboard condole with small keel, use elastic structure with small cutting to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between floors. Login our official website for more details: http://www. Gzkeda。 cn/
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