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Steel structure companies and steel structure workshops should pay attention to fire prevention

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Steel structure companies, steel structure workshops should pay attention to fire prevention

As a kind of building materials commonly used in modern times, steel structures should be well For the daily fire prevention work, let's take a look at the steel structure company below.

1. Add an outer cladding on the surface of the steel structure, which can be cast-in-place or sprayed.

The cast-in-place solid concrete outer cladding is usually reinforced with steel mesh or steel bars to limit shrinkage cracks and ensure the strength of the outer shell.

The spraying method can apply a sand pump to the surface of the steel structure to form a protective layer at the construction site. The sand pump can be lime cement or gypsum mortar, or it can be mixed with perlite or asbestos. At the same time, the outer cladding can also be made of perlite, asbestos, gypsum or asbestos cement, light concrete to make prefabricated panels, which are fixed on the steel structure with adhesives, nails and bolts.

2. The hollow steel structure is filled with water

This is an effective protective measure against fire. This method enables the steel structure to maintain a lower temperature in a fire, water circulates in the steel structure, and absorbs the heat of the material itself. The heated water can be recirculated after cooling, or cool water can be introduced from the pipeline to replace the heated water.

3. Add expansion material.

The steel structure fireproof coating is used to protect the components. This method has the advantages of good fireproof and heat insulation performance, and the construction is not limited by the geometry of the steel structure. Generally, no auxiliary facilities are required. And the coating quality is light, and there is a certain aesthetic decoration effect, which belongs to the modern advanced fire protection technology measures. At present, high-rise steel structure buildings are increasing day by day, especially some high-rise buildings, using steel structure materials more widely. Once a fire accident occurs in a high-rise building, the fire cannot be extinguished in a short period of time. This requires us to increase the fire protection of building materials during architectural design to enhance its fire resistance limit and formulate necessary emergency response inside the building. programs to reduce casualties and property damage to steel structure companies.

4. Shield.

The steel structure is set in the wall or ceiling composed of refractory materials, or the components are hidden in the gap between two walls, as long as a little refractory material is added or no That is to achieve the purpose of fire prevention. This is an economical way to approach a steel structure company.

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