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Steel structure companies need to improve the three properties of fire protection of their products

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Steel structure companies need to improve the three major properties of fire protection of their products

In fact, the number of steel structure buildings in a country is a sign of the economic strength of a country or a region. Therefore, there are more and more steel structure companies, so the competitive pressure is also increasing. However, as the competitive pressure increases, many companies forget the beginning, and some bad habits are formed, and their own advantages are also It is gradually worn away, so it must be done to ensure the quality of the product.

For the steel structure, it is not only to ensure the quality of its products, but also to strive for excellence, and it also needs to continue to innovate. It will not be eliminated by this market. There is a significant feature of steel structures, that is, fire protection, which gives the entire building a sufficient sense of security, but as people's requirements for buildings are getting higher and higher, its current The characteristics can no longer meet people's needs, so first of all, the steel structure company needs to strengthen the original strength. This building structure is different from concrete. The steel structure can fully demonstrate the design concept, reduce the structural load, and provide more usable space.

Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that all components are protected against high temperature, so as to achieve real fire protection, not just a simple statement. Specifically, when evaluating unprotected steel components in When it comes to fire exposure performance, several factors need to be considered: the severity of the fire, the load and support of the building at the time of the fire, the mechanical properties (such as yield strength), the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe steel structure and the exposure to fire. perimeter, steel interaction with walls and floors, and thermal boundary conditions.

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