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Steel structure housing activity three technology is introduced

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
5 kinds of trailer material classification, polystyrene caigang sandwich plate, rock wool color steel sandwich panels, polyurethane caigang sandwich panels, and phenolic caigang sandwich board, insulation board, metal decoration specifications please look at the bottom of the article. Trailer plate material: trailer plate generally divided into the following kinds: polystyrene caigang sandwich panels, rock wool color steel sandwich panel, polyurethane caigang sandwich board, phenolic aldehyde colored steel sandwich board and insulation board, metal decoration, by a high resistant polyester lacquer that bake, Or painting) , carve patterns or designs on woodwork aluminum zinc alloy steel sheet, polyurethane thermal insulation layer, fiber glass cloth composite. Surface can be made into the marble, ceramic tile, culture stone, red wood and other artistic effect; In Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other developed countries are widely used. Specification: length 3800 mm, 380 mm wide, 16 mm thick; Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0. 024W/( m*k) ( Note: thermal conductivity coefficient of 0. 023W/( m*k) The following is adiabatic material) ; Apparent density: 182 ㎏ / m&sup 3; ( 3. 8㎏/㎡) ; Combustion performance: B2 use fixed number of year: 10 - finish 15 no fade, base alloy steel plate can be used more than 45 years. Abstract: in today's rapid development of economy, the diversification of the demand of people also slowly, hope to be able to achieve customer satisfaction, people also in constant innovation, constant modifications to reach a certain standard, so the trailer also more and more unique and beautiful, if you have villa type, plant type, dormitory type and so on various collar style. Suppose you because of the housing area is small, to expand the living space, build choi steel structure building privacy requirement of the high economic level is low, can choose insulation board room. Model steel window with insulation wall surrounding maintenance products. This kind of product is not strictly a trailer on the sun room, just add blank will be improved substantially. But the price is low, economic and practical. Good good daylighting, ventilated. And beautiful degree is higher, so also is right choice. Suppose you build choi steel trailer mainly to planting flowers and plants, requires that choi steel trailer has good ventilation, proper sunshine, appropriate chooses peripheral maintenance model steel window, glass roof and has large skylight color plate trailer. This kind of mobile home prices lower, but the indoor temperature in summer is higher configuration sunshade shade. If your housing area is larger, especially villa construction, your color plate trailer is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flowers, etc. , should choose the roof can be moved to open the whole mobile color plate trailer. This kind of mobile lighting good, and won't appear the problem of high indoor temperature in summer. Costs are relatively low. Is a person of entertainment and leisure. If it is need to traditional architectural features of choi steel structure building, appropriate choice of toughened hollow glass roof, with a moderate amount of special hollow glass skylights, broken bridge aluminum hollow glass or aluminum wood composite hollow glass Windows for peripheral maintenance products. When use will need to be equipped with special shade curtain, awnings, invisible screen window, and other products. Trailer, as it were, is also with the change of the people's life, and in constant innovation, he has given complete function also in slowly. The collocation of his are more tend to humanization. On demand is meet. Along with the increasingly fierce competition of the industrial enterprise, innovation become the booster engine, the power of the development of industry in the innovation of the steel structure engineering industries, from r&d transformation and upgrading of technology, simple technology of steel structure engineering of the three following introduction. 1, steel structure heat preservation and heat insulation technology; Light steel structure in order to ensure the heat preservation effect, used in building exterior walls and roofing heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation and heat insulation material can use for a long time and can be. Matt construction of light steel structure housing generally in addition to the wall outside the wall column filled between glass fiber and put a layer of insulation in the wall of the lateral again, effective partition of the thermal bridge, through the wall column to cladding; Fill glass fiber between floor joists, minimize heat transfer through the floor; All interior wall posts are filled between the glass fiber, reduce the heat transfer between the household wall. 2, steel structure fire protection technology; Light steel structure is one of the most critical problem is the application of firewall technology, matt, light steel structure residential building fire resistance rating for level 4. Matt building light steel structure residence at both sides of the wall and floor of the smallpox of fire prevention plasterboard, for common firewall and the ledger wall with 25. 4 mm thick, 1 inch) Plasterboard protection, in order to achieve an hour fire prevention requirements, in the wall between the wall and floor joists between pillars fill glass fiber for fire prevention and heat transfer also play a positive role in protecting. 3, steel structure sound insulation technology; Light steel structure in the external walls and floor joists fill glass wool, effectively prevent the audio part of spreads through the air, for the impact that spreads through the solid, the structure processing for the ledger wall with two wall columns with a gap between two walls; For the fixed plasterboard condole with small keel, with flexible structure that has a small slot cutting to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between floors. Technology and innovation is the enterprise survival and development, the first thing to do, the enterprise can keep growing and growing trend and strength, are growing strength, is the flexible analysis of the change of the market, and to be able to survive in the market spread, seeks the development, to create a beautiful tomorrow.
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