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Steel structure prefabricated housing foundation how to deal with?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
Steel structure housing activity is one of the most widely used temporary housing, although the main skeleton trailer is steel structure, but its foundation is not, most of the foundation is reinforced concrete structure, steel structure housing activity hardness has some requirements for the foundation, the foundation of hardness decided the want to do special processing, lay the foundation for engineering is very important. 1. First to have the hardness test, the special topography and the rigidity of the foundation for building mobile have bigger difference, should make special processing, the steel structure housing activity can be installed smoothly, ensure the quality, technical personnel should be measured in advance. 2. Completed after the foundation of measurement, the next step is basic casting, then focuses on must first measure good level, after finished casting, should control the level of error within 10 mm. Must guarantee foundation surface level within the error, so as not to affect the subsequent work process. 3. Concrete grade, usually based in c20 and unreinforced, of course, for special terrain or other force majeure conditions, shall, according to the determination of the technical personnel to top the final solution. 4. Pouring time, just like conventional concrete pouring process, the steel structure housing activity also can not reduce the process, after the completion of the base casting or prefabricated houses before installation should leave plenty of time to make concrete meet the hardness requirements. 5. Final casting, production base, at the same time, must be finished with indoor ground casting, level as basis, this will ensure that the time limit for a project, quality and after installing a beautiful. Prefabricated houses after installed in the indoor floor, this is both convenient and clean. In addition, the indoor floor level should be higher than the basic level 50 mm, ensure that the rain will not flow into the interior and guarantee degree of solid ring beam.
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