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Steel structure project construction what's the point? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Nowadays, the continuous development of the architecture design industry, in many of the construction market, we can all be found, most of the construction of steel structure has been adopted as one of the main bearing structure, because the steel structure, whether in or on the use of performance on modelling, is higher than the traditional buildings. But in the process of steel structure project construction management, it is easy to cause the quality and safety problems. Guangdong steel structure project construction what's the point? A: cutting steel structure of raw materials produced by step lofting machining according to drawing production. If fail to conform to the requirements in machining quality, will make the next process, by a certain degree of operation, this may lead to quality problems, further affect the quality of the buildings. So cutting steel organization must be in strict accordance with the drawings. 2: connection management methods of welding steel structure mainly has the following three, one is welded, the other is a bolt connection, and is a kind of rivet connection, but in the process of component to make a design, mainly on welding, welding quality problems related to the use of the building quality of the products, so in terms of welding must be full welding, no leak welding. 3: installation process of steel structure building the biggest characteristic is fabricated, so installation is the most important step in the whole building, steel structure engineering is stable, strongly depends on the installation process step is correct. Once installation quality problems, not only easy to cause the scene construction accident, and make the quality of the whole project has a lot of discount, so the installation quality, is particularly important in the steel structure engineering. Four: anti-corrosion fire process of steel structure fire resistance and corrosion resistance is very poor, so we should pay attention to the fireproof paint coating of coating and corrosion resistant coating, through to the coating protection, in order to achieve the purpose of anticorrosive fire, coating quality problem is often the film falls off phenomenon of large area, as well as the surface sag and film thickness uneven phenomenon, these points have to be very careful in the coating process.
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