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'Strong' into prefabricated housing industry development model

by:Lida Group     2020-07-06
After a new round of industry shuffling, prefabricated house industry competition gradually clear. From the overall characteristics, three forces in the sky, gradually the mature type change, new elite and pioneer to survive three kinds of enterprises. But in time, who will become the main force of prefabricated house enterprise in the future? One by one analysis, maybe we can find the answer. For mature change type enterprise, its size, strength and qualifications, etc are all very outstanding, the only drawback is that how to under the horns of a new era for innovation development pattern, in order to break through its own development bottleneck. At this point, the enterprise to make up for the vacancy. This kind of enterprise is the size of the market is not big, but as ripe for change in such aspects as strength, innovation enterprises. Big and strong & throughout; Route into most of the enterprise development model is well known, most enterprises is big and strong before & throughout; Route, that is, to do bigger and stronger, this kind of enterprises, now has become a mature type change. The market space is huge, so in order to give priority to seize market, many enterprises have sprung up to grow up. In order to compete for all areas of resources, many enterprises are spreading their business, to get into the field. In addition, do bigger and stronger & throughout; Also can let enterprise achieve scale operation, reduce the production cost. It seems that the pattern seems to be very attractive. First to do strongly does & throughout; Into the developing mode of emerging in this case, so the question becomes, the model still apply now? I think that is not desirable, times different, industry structure is also very different & throughout; 。 The personage inside course of study explains. Enterprise as a representative of the new elite enterprises, some enterprises have been trying to model is different from the previous development, to meet the market pattern of the current fierce competition. This model is also the current emerging model of development & ndash; — To do strongly does first. Some companies also said that products are delicate, dealers are of good quality is the characteristic of some enterprises. Firstdone strongly as the path of this part of the enterprises to choose. And also of the personage inside course of study thinks, when strong & throughout; To a certain extent, enterprise will also can produce a qualitative change, and growing, truly achieve strong and big & throughout; Now, some enterprises with strong strength continuously expand, in the market and the trend of development.
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