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Supervision of prefabricated housing security need to be - a few points Prefabricated houses, prefabricated housing prices, prefabricated housing supply

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
Prefabricated houses when installation, the safety supervision requires strict control, to ensure the safety of the housing to ensure the security of personal property, prevent because of major safety accidents that caused by improper supervision, and to do this is going to implement the relevant standards. So the question comes, work safety supervision and control of a few points? Let's learn about the. A, before installation should have special construction scheme, construction units to prepare after qualified construction units, through the company's technical director to sign the supervision unit, after the last audit sign recognition by total project supervision engineer. 2, before implementation, supervision and construction units should be to give the solution together or the technical project director on structure demands technical details and the safety of the construction technology, finally to make the operator of the construction team, detailed technical clarificaiton. We want to clear, technical disclosure should be recorded, and is signed and verified clarificaiton and accept the disclosure. Three, the core material should be mandatory to metal sandwich plate combustion performance of grade A level, because of temporary activities such as generator, used to build houses there must be A good combustion performance. Four, when the housing after the installation is complete, there is a construction unit. Establishing unit and installation and production and so on to want to do the unit personnel according to the technical specification for construction site temporary buildings JGJ/T188 - 2009 appendix C form the style of acceptance, if acceptance is unqualified, the rectification before acceptance. Five, homework personnel should strictly in accordance with the specifications, special requirements of the construction scheme and safety technical disclosure book operation, and wearing the corresponding labor protection articles correctly. Six, installation quality of steel components should comply with the relevant requirements. Visit our official website to know more details: http://www. Gzkeda。 cn/
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