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Take you further understanding of the features of container house

by:Lida Group     2020-10-14
The characteristics of container house is the normative specifications. Container housing units are derived from and making good container, restricted by the cover types at present stage, the vast majority of external container types have the same specification limit. Common several kinds of specifications, can see come out, you can use the net space is relatively compact, aspect ratio in the room was only slightly lower, across the narrow and long, interior space design very affect customers' experience with special attention to the human body engineering construction engineering quality. You can put several shipping container stacking, but pay special attention to the structure and security coefficient, and also opened the vertical space, be sure to strong structure to stabilize. A lot of people want to know the life and safety of container room, this article will discuss from these two characteristics. A: the service life of the container is usually 10 - could in transportation 15 years, if the maintenance is very good, or other structure collocation of cement concrete, can be more long-term. 2: security shipping containers raw materials by the influence of the metal structure itself physical properties, heat transfer capability, poor thermal insulation characteristics, promote the hot and humid environment is not stable, be sure to also set the thermal insulation layer can effectively control the hot and humid environment, and in the coastal city must to light blocking the container cover with thermal insulation, can save huge energy consumption spending; Additional cover is very easy to rust, so need antirust paint. Note is that, when the transportation to prevent sick pests, container paint used in industrial coatings, usually chromate is multi-purpose. Therefore made shop front need to identify the source, the casing producers for part of the cover to the original residual paint polishing to get rid of safe operation.
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