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Take you to understand the fire performance of the prefab house is the main precautions

by:Lida Group     2022-02-24
You are one, you are very unique, you are number one in your life. The prefab house is particularly delicate and beautiful in appearance, and has high durability, so it will be favored and recognized by people in various regions. In the process of construction and use, the stability, compressive strength, thermal insulation and fire resistance of the prefab house must be considered. Let's take a look, how can we improve the fire performance of the prefab house?

The utilization rate of prefabricated houses is increasing, especially in construction sites or temporary homes after disasters. The material of the prefab house is made of light steel structure, which not only has a relatively high safety factor, but also is reliable and stable.

First, the prefab house is used in the construction of temporary homes after the disaster area. Due to the special environment used, there are many problems when choosing materials, especially the fire resistance must be in place, it is better to choose the outer color Coated steel plate, the core material is selected from the color steel sandwich panel of polyurethane rental car or eps. The sealing hole of the eps material structure is very hard. They are all composed of polystyrene particles, which have a particularly high viscosity and a very low ignition point. After being ignited, it generally does not cause any harm.

Secondly, it is better to spray some oil-based paint materials with anti-corrosion, fire-proof and rust-proof properties for the external structure of the prefab house, which can play a good aesthetic performance, and the safety factor will be greatly increased. In order to reduce the problem of fire, try not to use some high-power electrical appliances in the room.

It is better to fail at what you love than succeed at what you hate. See here for the fire performance of the prefab house, the precautions should be understood. In the process of living, you must do a good job in the protection of relevant safety hazards.

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