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Teach you buy light steel keel, avoid being cheated

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
In life, everyone will inevitably encounter some scam, often see where we are in the news happened relatively big cheat time, so no matter what time, everyone should keep a wary of heart, as the saying goes, there shall be no harm a person heart, the heart of man is no proof, this is the life experience of predecessors' summary. If no contact before things, understand clearly before action, to avoid being cheated by dishonest people, then today about how to detect light steel villa scam? How to choose light steel keel? A, how to detect light steel villa fraud from the price of high and low, the stand or fall of material point of view, if the price is far lower than the market price, that is about to note that this may be a scam, because cheater will use the person's psychology, if be exaggerated material and installation should be pay attention to, anyway you can not blindly listen to others, to have my own judgment. If it is a small white, can consult information from the Internet. Three, how to choose light steel keel 1, depreciate the specifications steel keel, and wall thickness is in accordance with the requirements. The keel of the specifications of the models to the requirements of the symbols of national standard. The thickness of the keel is an important indicator, the thickness of the wall keel is in commonly 0. 6 mm - 1。 0 mm, ceiling keel, C U type and V type, carries keel thickness is in commonly 0. 8 mm - 1。 The thickness of 2 mm, keel with wrapping is commonly 0. 5 mm-0。 6 mm, T the thickness of the main and second keel keel of the 0. 27mm。 When choosing to pay attention to the thickness of the keel, good bearing keel not less than 1. 0 mm, good surface keel is not lower than 0. 5 mm, good T keel is not lower than 0. 27 mm, Shanghai light steel keel partition wall keel very not lower than 0. 6mm。 Slant thin keel to mechanical performance is unqualified, although some keel mechanics performance is qualified, but often will cause deformation. 2 mainly divides into the wall, light steel keel keel ( Q) And the ceiling keel ( D) Main specifications are divided into two categories, wall keel Q50, Q75, Q100 and Q150. Main specifications are divided into D38 ceiling keel, D50 and nikon D60, etc. According to their cross section shape is divided into U, C, T, H, V, L and seven CH type, light steel keel tag order as: product name, code, the width of the cross section shape, height, thickness of steel plate and standard number. The client shall in accordance with the requirements of process and decorative, decided to choose wall keel, ceiling keel and specifications, and cross section shape. 3, depreciate the surface rust steel keel. Light steel keel surface rust with two-sided galvanized layer and two kinds of color coating method. So when light steel keel of choose and buy to see whether the two-sided galvanized layer or color coating quality qualified, two-sided galvanized layer or color coating is uniform and consistent. This will determine the construction after the skeleton will influence because of the corrosion of light steel keel thickness and distortion, and uneven and top surface or wall cracks and other quality problems. Additional light steel keel ceiling decorate good choose the original plate galvanized keel is not easy to rust, avoid to use after galvanized keel. Commonly known as snow board & the original plate galvanized keel throughout; With the snowflake pattern, strength is higher than galvanized keel. Light steel keel partition wall, light steel keel plasterboard condole top preferred pavilion steel structure.
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